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Jason Witt – I Know


There are certain times in my life that I will never forget because of the pain and anguish I endured.  I’ve experienced heartache, disappointment, and isolation through both personal and professional relationships.  I’ve defined my life by how I’ve handled myself in those difficult times.  I’ve learned a lot about myself through those times, and I’ve learned that it’s impossible to go through it alone.  This song comes from countless phone calls, unforgettable nights of your unwavering strength, and a calming voice in my storms of life.  I Know I couldn’t have done it alone.  Thank you for continuing to be my Rock. — Jason. 


I know that I’m not always right,
Hell not even half the time
But that don’t me from saying,
Or screaming what’s on my mind

And I know that it’s tough out there
Oh how the rain crashes down on me
I promise I won’t go nowhere
And I’ll try to conceal all your pain

They’ll be just one thing
That I’ll ask for in return
Would you mind being there
Even when I got nowhere else to turn

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Song Title:
I Know

Jason Witt
Civic Stadium

Released: April 15th, 2015


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    Greg Allison

    Well done J! Speaks to all mankind and the truths we face during times in each of our lives. Wonderful job bro!!

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