Why I Started Making My Bed Each Morning

Why I Started Making My Bed Each Morning

If you’re anything like me (and statistically, you are) you probably think you’re too busy to make your bed in the morning. There’s a good chance that like nearly 60% of all humans, you don’t start your day off right by accomplishing this simple task (it’s 72% when you factor in the 12% that actually pay someone to do the chore for them). What seems like a mundane task at best (and a poor excuse for not doing it), has been proven over and over again as a huge contributing factor to not only your well being, but of your precious sleepy time. Here’s my case why I’m starting to make my bed each morning, starting now.

I like the idea that not making my bed in the morning meant that I was too busy. People who make their bed in the morning have too much time on their hands right? Isn’t that some life hack or something? You know what it proves though in real life? I’m just lazy. Do you know how long it takes to make my bed? Probably less than two minutes. What other task during my day can I complete in less than two minutes? I’m not sure I can use the bathroom in less than two minutes, let alone something important. But that’s what you get but taking the time to make your bed. Something important. In fact, here are the three most import things you can get out of resetting your bed to zero each morning:

A completed task. Two minutes into your day and you’re already on task two. Completing task two, get’s you to task three. See where I’m going here? Life is about completing tasks, and the easiest way to getting through your task list is by getting started. By getting through your first task of the day, you’re helping your brain rev up for the rest of the day’s challenges.

The little things matter. If you can’t do the little things, how do you expect to do big things? You have to start somewhere, so start by consistently making your bed each morning. Life is structured for attention to detail. Give yourself a morning ritual that clearly defines you getting going in the morning (or afternoon for that matter). Making your bed helps convert your thoughts from wishing to doing by signaling it’s go time.

All about the ending. Not every day is going to be your best day. Life’s unending assault on our happiness is bound to get you from time to time. There is nothing better than ending a complete disaster of a day than with a made bed. Crawling into a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow is another day, a new chance to do big things by showing that even hard days end with the same preparation as good days.

Still not as convinced as I am that making your bed each morning puts you on the right path to succeed for the day? Here’s the haymaker: Having a made bed gives the impression of cleanliness.  Even though it only takes a few seconds to make my bed, it creates an oasis of calmness, organization and control. It helps a messy room feel less chaotic.  Want to know how to help your sleeping habits? Ding, ding, a clean room (see what I did there, a haymaker?). Your bedroom environment and it’s cleanliness, influences how well you sleep studies show. One last reason that proves if you want to change the world, start off by making your bed tomorrow morning.



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    Tarra Solarsky

    I love a made bed. It looks comfy, it looks pretty (I’m also a big fan of unusable decor pillows) and leaving the house with a made bed is a good feeling, you leave knowing you get to come home that night and crawl into a nice, comfy bed.. Leaving your bed a messy pile of blankets gives you one more chore to do at the end of the day – when you are already done with chores. Ugh! Who wants to do that? So I am completely in agreement with this advice.

  2. 2

    Great article but I just can’t share. Disappointed. Having said that, it just could be your style and only the ones that find this site are the enlightened ones – which fits me perfectly 🙂

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    I just made my bed! And it felt really good… I am battling bipolar disease and it’s not always easy to find tasks I can actually finish. Failing every single day doesn’t feel good. Yet making my bed wasn’t totally difficult. I am going to try to do that every day just to get a kick start. Thanks for such an idea!
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  4. 4

    Completely agree! Love this and thank you for writing this post. I make my bed every morning. I grew up in a family where discipline is a core value so we just naturally excel at getting things done. I also regularly declutter and uphold the belief about a clean space and clearing out old energy creates a really nice environment for calm and creation. 🙂

  5. 5

    I made my bed last year and have slept on the floor ever since. Still looks fresh, and think of all the time I’ve saved.

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