No One Owes You A Damn Thing

No One Owes You A Damn Thing

If I sound a bit brass in the following paragraphs, it’s because I’m tired.  Day after day, I listen to family members, friends, co-workers, athletes, spouses, and otherwise complete strangers complain about what has or hasn’t been provided to them.  To be honest, I’m downright disappointed by our silver spoon entitlement attitude that is being served to us plate after plate.  I got news for you, no one owes you a damn thing. Struggle, disappointment, hard work and a little luck is all a part of life. Deal with it. Don’t blame it on how you have been raised and or what has or hasn’t been passed to you for where you are right now.  Stop making excuses, and start making solutions.

Your parents worked hard, provided for you the best they could with what they had to work with.  Your parents aren’t, however, responsible for you finding your groove in the working world, for you being a good person, a positive existence.  It’s not up to them (or anyone for that matter) to find you a place to live, to buy you clothes, food, or something to drive around in.  What your parents have or haven’t given you isn’t a valid excuse and should not be indicative to how you are as a person presently.

You can go kick rocks if you think you’re going to get a sympathetic ear from me about your spouse treating you like dirt.  I hear consistently from one side of an unhealthy relationship that no matter what they do, the other person just won’t reciprocate. I laugh at the idea that someone would expect something in return because they do it. The beauty of love is that it’s derived from what you want the other person to feel, not what you want to feel.  Don’t set yourself up for failure by expecting someone to love you because you love them.  Don’t do things for them expecting that they do it in return.  Do those things because it helps show an outward expression of your internal care for them.  Love without expectation of it in return.

Don’t even get my gears grinding about the so called success story of silverspoon millennials. These same young adults, and I use that term very loosely, have been fed with nothing but opportunity and for the most part continue to squander it.  They want to blame shit on the government and it’s weak sauce. They are making an excuse, it’s not our president’s fault. It’s their fault, for letting it happen. Society is relentless, but only if your expectations aren’t realistic.  Stop expecting success to be given to you.  Success isn’t deserved, it is earned.

Stop saying that you can’t do something. If you want something, you got to go get it. No one owes you a damn thing, so stop waiting for it to be handed to you.  Work harder than your co-woker. Love deeper than your ex.  Exist with the idea that your contribution is what matters, not what you get from your contribution.  Dust off your work boots and get to work.  That handout that you’ve been waiting for, isn’t going to come.  The sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be.



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    Sam N.

    Darling, the word is “brash.” Not “brass.” A dictionary is a great investment for one who wants to write more than grocery lists.

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    Sam N.

    Oh, also you might want to read up on what a “comma splice is.” That way you will actually know what a sentence is and is not.

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