Why You Never Leave the Game Early

Why You Never Leave the Game Early

It’s not a secret that I’m a huge Seattle Seahawks fan. Having spent the better part of 6 years in my late twenties in or around Seattle Washington, I became a vested fan of the Seahawks. I grew up in a tiny town in the middle of Alaska called Fairbanks, (I’ll give you a second to ask Google about it) so my childhood allegiance to the Detroit Lions was strictly Barry Sanders fueled and not by location. But getting to live in the same city as an NFL franchise in adulthood, it was an opportunity to get deeply rooted for the hometown team. Over the weekend my Seahawks played in what some NFL analysts are calling the greatest postseason comeback of all time. Unbeknownst to the nation, fans of my beloved Seattle Seahawks were taught a life lesson that we all need to be reminded of from time to time: Never leave the game early.

This paragraph is usually where I’d go into some slick slideshow presentation of quotes regarding seeing things to the end. I’m a lover, not a fighter so I won’t beat that dead horse. But I will take it as an opportunity to remind you how important it is to see things through, see them to the end. Life is a bitter beast at times, ramping up its resistance as we drudge on towards the finish line. We’ll be tempted to quit, and that temptation will grow as the game nears its end. But never leave the game early.

I know not everyone likes football like I do. Correction, loves football like I do. Don’t get distracted if you’re not a Seahawks fan, or a football fan at all, and miss the story.  I’ll tell you this, Russell Wilson didn’t miss the story after he engineered his team to an epic comeback. During his postgame interview he was brought to tears about what had just happened. In his candid interview, he spoke teary eyed in regards to his teammates never once entertaining the thought of giving up.  When it looked like they had insurmountable odds to overcame, he and his teammates stayed the course, determined to see this game through to the end. There was a moment of beauty in what he felt in what will later be called a defining moment in his career I’m sure. In just over 5 minutes of game clock to end the game, Russell went from front page scapegoat to legendary hero.  Too bad those fans that left the stadium early, only got to read about it. And that’s why, you never leave the game early. Congrats Russell, I look forward to cheering you on in Super Bowl 49. Thanks for reminding me to never leave early, physically or mentally.

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