Maxim Just Taught Me An Important Life Lesson

Maxim Just Taught Me An Important Life Lesson

Maxim magazine was in the news today, and for a good reason for once. Today’s new release of the monthly men’s shrine to beautiful women* marked the marketing reboot of the widely popular magazine. Gone are the barely clad women and attention grabbing sex headlines from their front page. In its place, a GQ’esque and dare I say, more grown up cover stripped down to a single women’s face and the magazine title header. The rebrand caught my eye for two reasons. First, I like the fantasy of being able to provide a new cover, or a facelift for oneself. And second, because I remember reading Maxim growing up as a pre-adolescent teen.

My background is in marketing, so it’s an interesting case study actually. It’s too early to tell, as the new issue and it’s new branding scheme just came out today, but I’ll be interested to see how the new look magazine bodes with fans and subscribers. Seemingly overnight, the magazine has appeared to transform itself into an actually presentable gentleman’s guide from its raunchy, “sex sells” mentality. I like the idea of a magazine being able to change its image, and continue to be successful. Maxim in its heyday was the most successful of the frat boy catalogs, and to take on such a dramatic and sudden change, I give it some serious brownie points for making the move.

There have been a few times in my life that a facelift was required. I’ve talked in depth about being bold and living your life outside of your comfort zone. Sagging sales in my love department forced me to rethink how I viewed relationships. Continual strain on my free time from extra-curricular activities began to overwhelm my schedule and cause sacrifice in even the most important relationships in my life. I needed a change, I need a facelift in certain areas of my life that were doomed of success. I took an inventory of my life, what my goals were and decided to make changes. Take an inventory today of your life and how you are spending your time. I encourage you today to take a look at your life and to see were certain areas of your life can be improved via a facelift. Be as subtle or as dramatic as you need to be. You deserve it.

*their words, not mine.



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    Personally, I don’t mind it. In the big scheme of things, he does appear to be in great shape. The intention though, sex sells. I think they accomplish that. Overall though, I stopped taking Mens Health serious about health long ago.

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