Day 1 of 365

Day 1 of 365

What is it about the first of January that tells your brain that is the only day that I can start over? What is it about this specific day that resets the way you think about things and arbitrarily allows you to begin anew? Personally, I love* January 1st, and all it represents for most of us.  Each year I get to trim the fat out of certain areas of my life.  This year for example, I’m cutting Diet Coke (side note, I’m pretty sure the Diet in Diet Coke doesn’t in fact mean diet, as in eating a salad) out of my diet.  I know there are things you have been yearning to trim from your life; And even thought today isn’t January 1st, I want to make a challenge to you today. I want today to be day one of your 365 page story.

Actually, now that I have a second to ponder it, let me rephrase the question: Suppose today is day one, what will your 365 day story be like?

If it’s cliché to start on January 1st, then let this year be different. Let today be different.  Let this be the year that you travel someplace you’ve always wanted to go. Let this be the year that you start a new friends circle. Let this be the year that you make decisions that will affect not only yourself, but the people around you in a positive and uplifting way.  365 days from now, let this be the year that you look back on and say “I would have never imagined that I’d have a year like that!”

This year, instead of adding going to the gym, or eating better, or staring at your phone less, to your resolution list.  Be more ambitious, set the bar high.  Make 2015 so great they make a VH1 special about it.  Dream big, and make it happen, one day at a time.  One page at a time.  And 365 days from now, we’ll say together, I lived!

*Just to let you know, I use the word Love a lot, just an FYI.


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