Be Bold

Be Bold

If your life is anything like mine, you’re under constant duress. You have so much life coming at you from all directions, you don’t know whether to sit down or stand up. The logical solution seems to be that we simply retreat to comfort. We enter our cease fire zone so we may catch our breath and recalibrate. There is good proof that this strategy can work as an initial shield against our daily grind. But let me tell you, you’re missing out.

I made a decision a couple years ago that changed the way I think about things. It altered my life so drastically, that I often use it as the starting point for my adulthood. My epiphany was this: I decided to be bold.

Drastic is a strong word, and it’s not a requirement of being bold. Being bold is about the journey, not the destination (cue dramatic cinema score). Being bold is about practicing boldness daily. Being bold is exiting your comfort zone in all areas of your life and never returning. I started small and it snowballed from there. You could say I balled so hard* they made me the captain of the team.

Practice being bold today and see how it looks on you. Shake a stranger’s hand, introduce yourself. I want you to ask someone how their day is going, and I want you to really listen to how their day is going. Respond with another question about their response. Start a conversation. Be bold in other ways too, go out on the ledge. I want you to try new things. Buy a different style of shirt, watch a different type of movie, listen to a different genre of music. Practice your active listening skills. Be a friend, don’t use a friend. Compliment your wife, encourage your children. Support your co-workers, challenge your teammates. I want you to be bold in your actions daily. Starting today, I want you to live your life boldly.

*Sorry, I was trying to be hip.


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