Dear Parents: An Open Letter From Your Kid’s Coach

Dear Parents: An Open Letter From Your Kid’s Coach

Thank you. 

A coach is only as successful as the kids that they are lucky enough to coach; And for that I am thankful I coached your child this season. Although not all of the scores ended in victory, as a team we competed hard from start to finish.  Your child was an integral part of the success of our team, a team which won and lost together and in good sport.  Thank you for you and your child’s commitment to the team. Throughout the season you made sacrifices of your time, money and energy to ensure you and your child would have a positive impact on the team. Thank you.  Your kid represented more than just themselves and your family at practice, in games and on road trips; They represented Fairbanks, and they did it well. I was proud to be your child’s coach.

At each seasons end, there is a bittersweet moment where I can reflect on the changes I have seen in myself as a coach and the kids I’ve spent the last couple of month getting to know.  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your child grow as a person and in their athletic careers.  I have grown along with them.  The moments that we got to experience in practice, on road trips, and in battle have reconfirmed my passion for teaching young men and women important lessons about life, sportsmanship and hockey.  I am a better coach because your child was a part of our team this season.  You handed your child over to me to coach them, and you trusted me to willfully mentor them.  Thank you.

I promise you that I will always be your child’s coach. This isn’t a goodbye, it’s a see you soon.  Long after this season is over, I will continue to have fond memories of being their coach and the moments we got to experience together.  If you see me at the rink, or at the grocery store, make it a point to stop me and say hi.  If this is the end for us with your child, let me know how they’re doing, continue to stay in touch and give me updates about their successes. I now have a vested interest in their success and want to help celebrate their victories in life.

I’m excited for the opportunity to coach your child again next season and look forward to continuing our growth together.  Parents, not coaches, set the example for their kid’s behavior.  I remind you that success during the season comes easier with a successful offseason.  Encourage your child to attend clinics, read books, watch videos and attend the games of the sport they love playing.  Encourage them to always be learning.  I know I will be.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the success of our season.  I truly could not have done it without your support and encouragement.  Hope to see you next season.




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