Now What? 5 Tips To Master Your New Workout Goal

Now What? 5 Tips To Master Your New Workout Goal

Starting a new workout routine can be a daunting, scary task to embark on.  What starts out as an epic intention, can quickly turn into excuses and blame if you don’t form a plan.  I consulted a certified personal trainer who gave me a few tips to help you stay strong in your new found health goals:

Prepare mentally.  Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.  Prep your mindset for the long run, pun intended.  Your new regiment should follow along the theory that getting fit is a lifestyle, not a phase.  Getting fit and staying healthy is more than wind sprints and up downs, your brain muscles must get flexed also.

Be consistent. Stay away from excuses.  Lay out your plan of attack for the week, and stick with it.  Plan ahead to make sure work and life don’t become dreaded excuse that keeps you away from your workout schedule.  You are doing this for YOU and just like anyone else can, YOU got this.

Weight Loss

Diet is 80% of it.  Portion control, water, lean meats and limiting sugar intake is crucial.  The one disconnect beginners make is that just hitting the gym daily makes you lean.  Could not be further from the truth.  What you fuel your body with is an integral part of weight loss and leanness.  Don’t sabotage your hard work in the gym with poor eating habits outside of it.

Be willing to learn.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek advice. Try new things and set goals for yourself.  Every fitness expert started as a beginner, just like you are.  Seek out knowledge as to what your gym regime and meal plan should look like.  There is a plethora of info available free of charge online, or within your friends circle.  Take advantage of it.

Change does not occur overnight.  You’ll want to see results right away, but give it time. The goal is to be healthy and strong.  Change occurs with time and implementing a consistent workout plan and healthy eating habits.  You want to reach your goals gradually to have the best success of continuing your new healthy lifestyle long after your goals have been eclipsed.

I can not express enough the excitement I have for you in making the decision to take care of the one temple you get in our lives.  Making the choice to properly care for your body is a treat that will pay big dividends later on in life, physically and mentally.


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