Concert Review – Amerakin Overdose – Roseland Theatre

Concert Review – Amerakin Overdose – Roseland Theatre

A few months back, I had the opportunity to take on equipment engineering duties for a local Portland, OR metal band, Amerakin Overdose (AOD). They are a well established act who has been prominent in the local scene since 2009. For their most recent show, the band opened up for Coal Chamber, Combichrist, Filter, and American Head Charge at the Roseland Theater here in Portland which was organized by Mike Thrasher.   AOD’s show set started promptly at 6:45 and the house was just about packed full, the energy was intense. This was the band’s first time playing live at the Roseland Theater, and judging by the crowd support, it definitely won’t be their last. Dimes Musical Photography provided the picture taking skills, make sure you check them out here.

Upcoming Shows

The Filth Is Out (3/21/15)
Duffy’s Hangar — Salem, OR

Mushroomhead — Doyle — Toxic Zombie (4/12/15)
Hawthorne Theater — Portland, OR


Band Intros

Chris Kennedy – Drummer. I’ve been playing with AOD since November 2014 and I score music for national television commercials. I was birthed in LA. @patientzero.chriskennedy

Cody Perez – Vocals. I started AOD in the summer of 2009. I work for a corporate company. I don’t like white foods. I don’t eat beans. I beat the stereotype, I am 28 and have no kids. @codypvokills

Pito Perez — Back-up Vocals. I started with AOD in 2009. I work out. I cook food. Played football and was on the wrestling team in high school. @petethefilth

Freeman Manfree – Guitars. Hello from the forbidden zone. I am the guitar player for Amerakin Overdose. I have been with the band since 2010. I once contracted lime disease and shoulder cancer but was cured by a stripper faith healer in Reno, NV. I am lactose intolerant and can only drink breast milk from the source or I break out in hives and go blind. @freeman_manfree

The Human – Keys/Synths. Been with AOD since 2009, I run a recording studio, and I also produce the tracks for AOD. @beatsbythehuman

Brandon Sills – Bass. Been with AOD since about July 2013 for studio, July 2014 for live. Music is my life focus, and my home studio is my zen zone since 1998. I’m very picky about what I listen to and what I eat. Autism is a bitch. I’m 31 and from Oregon City. @brandonsillsproject [SoundcloudYouTube]

For more info on the band, visit their website, BandCamp page, or YouTube Channel to watch videos.


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    Jayro Jones

    I have known Brandon Sills since the 2nd grade, we go way back. This band he’s a part of rocks some serious balls, and I’m glad to know such an awesome dude. ROCK ON GUYS! \m/

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