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Bike Lane | Packard Browne



Bike Lane

Packard Browne

October 11th, 2014

Packard Browne delivers with his debut album, Bike Lane.  Self produced alongside Brixton Chase and engineered by Zach Drury, the album offers easy, chill listening with screwed vocals and airy hooks.  Lyrically, the record bounces back and forth from laid back rap style to quick chopping delivery to capitalize on the wide range of talent that Browne enjoys.  The features on the album must be noted and should be attributed to the incredible support group that Browne enjoys.  Talent put in by names like Dizzy Wright, J’Taime, Jee$ick, Zach Drury, Scolla, Aviel Ben Yamin, Captian, Gerald Walker, and Chris Blair turn an otherwise organic, raw production of natural snares, hard hitting 808s, revved sounds into a rather unique production.

Personally, I’m most drawn to the track Hawthorne ft. J’Taime as it reminds me of exactly what modern Portland is. “I just wanna slow down, I don’t know where to go now” takes me to a happy place, the very exact reason I turn to music to achieve.  I picked up the album off Browne’s personal site here for a $5 donation, but the content is worth much, much more.  If someone that was not from Portland had asked me to describe the city in terms of music, I would hand him the “Bike Lane” album.  

Hip-Hop / Rap / Hippie Rap / Indie / Experimental


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