The Town (Till I Die) – Grinchmobb


Bitch I’m from the town, (Till I Die)
This Northwest Til I (Till I)
Reppin that Blazer gang Till I (Till I)
In the hood I’m good till I
PDX Til I Die (Till I Die)


Rose City in this bitch shittin’ on, shittin’ on shittin’ on,
Rose City in this bitch shittin’ on, shittin’ on shittin’ on,
Rose City in this bitch shittin’ on, shittin’ on shittin’ on,
Rose City in this bitch, Rose City in this bitch, Rose City in this bitch


Fresh off the last port in my pack (in my pack)
Hit the store on Knott ‘n 7th
95′ I was 15, moved to the town on the block bailin’
Cool nuts and the KBC, got ’em on the move, got the town like YEE
Now it’s 2015, and Portland it’s your best bet to get behind me Grinchmobb
I done spent so many years in the NE, to the NE turned to the Numbers
Bracked in the north with the slumpers, run up on your bumper with the thump on jumper

Baseline at the buzz like Lillard, with my Mariota jersey on like fuck yo feelings
It’s my city and I’m shittin’ rose petals on you bitch made haters I’m a legend in the making like really
Like really? Y’all lookin’ like silly, smokin on a philly, munchin on a voodoo donut at the strip club
With an umbrella on not making it rain like no Dustin Hoffman in my blood
Puttin’ on for my city and Im blazing these trails in my lane while Im blazing this bud
Hanging on for what was that right boy there with the hair thatll swang like its catchin some ones Grinchmobb

[Champagne James]

I’m a north side nigga put it on sweets
Mallory original, Skidmore to beach
If pimping don’t work, then pimping don’t eat
But if pimping got work
Then pimping gone eat yeah, yeah
Here’s a toast to the hood life
Champagne another toast to the good life
Champagne and Im poppin on rose and I’m all in ya face what a muthafucka look like
Bitch Flav on a million Champagne flav to the ceiling Champagne
Flaving on a pink toe gonna get doe town biz in the building
Looking like a band game on fleck
Bitch in pocket so the hoe dont speak


Bridge city, city where I come from
24/7 putting on for the number ones
I be writing hits tell Bryce here’s another one
I been on the grind since yeh tall
You was hustlin copin J’s running in the mall
I was stackin funds getting money til we all ball
Never waste no time less you wanna fall
I ain’t talkin weather but it rains like a Strom
Y’all way two tall 5’10 but my dick long
Be careful for I put it on yo girl strong
Hand DA hand FAM what I respesent
So I getting better bent off the liquor no last call
Hands on yo girls tits like a sports bra/
Nigga’s kinda hot burning like a torch y’all
Couple niggas that can rap most ain’t spit
Call them nigga’s dry mouth they the drought kids
Every time Scrips rap I’ma bout this
Better think twice for you thinkin you can out this
Home run type nigga throwin out hits
Knock em out the park we can do it
In the dark when the freaks coming out thick
Port city no grams want the whole ship
Whole this Lil money we can all flip
No diss most nigga’s they’ll fold quick
Know this don’t snitch what the code is

[Da Real J-Rocc]

Born in the capital raised in the P
Uncle Jeff to the left told me keep OG
Blowing on tree me keep it OC
All of me life wanted to be mc
Not me cuz I’m a rapper
Underground independent with the slappers
Factor call this the new chapter
503rd until I’m dead dead in the grave and then after
Rap master ah gass ya
Last of a dying breed don’t make me thrash ya
Yeah moving right past ya
Blessed bars in the booth so I don’t really need a pastor
I be doing this here for a long time
You can find me out here on my grind
And it don’t stop and it wont stop
Homage to hip hop Portland cheah this is our time
An we gone shine even in the rain
Representive to the fullest this is Blazer gang
Stay doing our thing maintaining our lane
Ya girl givin me brain I give her nothin but game
How I’m ‘pose to
Got ’em out here pissed cuz I’m makin moves
Da Real JRocc been paid hella dues
And Im out here trippin screamin north westtt


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