#EpicArtistSpotlight – Staxx Zino

#EpicArtistSpotlight – Staxx Zino

What up Staxx, it’s only been a day since we were last in the studio together, knocked out some hooks and a new single, but thank you for taking the time to meet for this next installment of the #EpicArtistSpotlight.

Tell me a little about yourself, are you from Portland?
The studio session was epic, like always when you’re dealing with Trap Master Productions.  And yeah, I was born in Portland and pretty much raised in Las Vegas. I went to Ockley Green Middle School and Grant High School. I started rapping in the 4th grade, recording on the tape player.

Man, it’s always magic when we work. Vegas is the spot, I went to Bonanza my junior year.  Rappin’ since the 4th grade huh?  How old are you now?
I’m 22 years young, with a 40 year old personality

I hear you there, I had thought you were at least a couple years older.  What made you pick up the tape recorder that first time, and want to start rapping?
Imma be real, I was young and my mom used to play the Cool Nutz collabo CD’s.  He had a song called “Behind the Scenes” and ever since I heard that, I started rhyming.  That song had me really tuned in. I used to go to the ETHOS program and record there a lot in my middle school days.

When would you say you made the decision to really push your art?  When did you say, “I’m gonna really take this serious, I’ma push a hard line?”
I pretty much seen a lot of talented people around me my whole life not push themselves.  A lot of talent that was never used in the right way.  I told myself that I can’t do the same, just keep sitting around writing songs and not making them.   Ever since then I pretty  much realized, waiting on others to make it happen is not the way for me.  That’s when I started pushing the issue. Underestimated music. The overlooked talent, I’m pretty much here to stay.


Right, well said, nothing can happen if you don’t actually do it, and you seem to be pushin’ along just fine.  What would you being doing if rapping wasn’t in your life?  Is that even imaginable for you?
Yeah, I have multiple hobbies I still find time to do.  If I wasn’t rappin, I would probably push these cars. I like to fix ’em up and flip ’em.  Get a new project, completely different and do it again.  I do that on my spare time now.  I also draw, and I’m really interested in learning how to shoot music videos, make beats, and anything else I get my hands on in music industry.

I do see you workin on cars a lot.  So you are just ready to learn, you want to do anything you can with this music.  And truth is, you CAN do whatever you want with it.  So what IS your plan with your music?  Tell us a little about the project you want to start.
Well I’m trying to expose the underestimated talent and bring it to surface.  Really show the world that maybe the one person you overlook, could be the next genius to blow. I’m trying to do a lot of features with the locals, put out a lot of collaborations, and show the town that we can work together.

I’ve noticed.  I think you have knocked out some 6-7 hooks maybe to send out for features.  That’s a good move, creative collaboration is what the local scene has been lacking for a long time from what I’ve gathered after all these spotlights.  So are you a solo artist, or do you rock with a camp?
I’m a solo artist, I make this happen.  I know that there isn’t going to be someone every step of the way to you know, guide me, but I do make this happen.  I have done a lot of collaboration and business with the S.O.P. Camp.

Right on, couldn’t have said that better myself.  I’ve seen consistent work coming from S.O.P.  What about our family, you have kids?
Yeah I got 2 lil ones that look to me to pave the right path.  I know that we gonna be straight, can never let them down, it’s not an option.

That seems to be plenty motivation for you to go get it.  What is one thing you consider your “pet peeve” in the local music scene here?
People who have pride issues, you know, the ones that won’t put differences aside to actually get the NW poppin’ the way we know how.  That shit bugs me.

The general topic we see everyday, “We need to come together.”
Yep, if we came together more there would be a lot more positive attention in the region, a lot more money, and overall, better music.

You have a point there, I see the validity in that statement, I work behind the scenes and like I’ve said before, this is a common concern.  So who are some of the artists you are wanting to work with that you haven’t yet?
Sity SlickDrae StevesKrah Shawn the PrinceLevi SantanaLil Mall, Champagne JamesGatt, and Grinchmobb. Pretty much every local artist that is willing to put the differences aside and get this trophy.

Looks like we have a lot of work to do!  What about producers, any producers other than me that you hope to work with in the town?
Mikey Fountaine and A-lab.  Pretty much it, I mean, I’m willing to work with any body but I’m pretty much all in TMP.

I get the point, you want to make music, with everyone that is willing to work.  I appreciate that you rock with me.  I wanna know, theoretically looking ahead, after all the hard work has been done, the money has been made, what is it that will make you sit back and say “Damn, I made it, this is what I wanted, I’m here, I’m happy?”
I’ll know that I’ve made it when I’m sitting somewhere and I hear somebody is listening to my CD without even knowing it’s me that made that song that they playing.  When my city comes together and builds that solid name that the Northwest deserves,  that’s when I know I’ve made it.

That sounds like it’d be a wrap for me too.  Do you have any music out online yet, or any music videos?
Yeah soundcloud Staxxxzino most of my songs are on there.  I also have a video called “Po My Liquor” that was shot by Jesus Chavez, it features Lil’ Bamm and is on YouTube right now.

Yeaaah, the first of many!  What has been your favorite track that you’ve recorded?
Probably the new song “EBK” with Prince Hyph or “MOB” with Yung Zay.  They both have a turn up, party type vibe.

Definitely making noise. Before we wrap up here, are there any special shoutouts or people you want to mention?
Yea shout to Skari Stoudemire, for being a good connection. Shout to DJ O out at KMUZ 88.5, tune in to his show or get the tune in app on your phone.  And shout out to S.O.P. Sity Slick,  Tobio JTrap Master Productions, and shout out to my fans, my family, and my supporters.

You have the budget to get a feature from any artist of your choice, alive or dead, and the producer of your choice.  Who do you have in the studio??
Personally, it probably be Biggie or Pac. Hard choice, but man it would definitely be the #takeover.  Producing I would have Dr Dre, Timbaland  or DJ Mustard.

Well Staxx, breh, thanks for taking the time to knock this out.  We got a lot more work to do and I’ll be seeing you in the studio in a couple days.  Just remember, from the way you go about your days, to the lyrics you write down on the pad, that is what makes you Epic.
Mos def, good lookin on the work bruh, I appreciate  it.


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