#EpicArtistSpotlight : Sity Slick

#EpicArtistSpotlight : Sity Slick

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Artist Spotlight: Sity Slick
Industry: Music
Profession: Lyricist
Website: Soundcloud

Sity Slick is a prominent member of the Portland, OR hip hop scene originally from St. Louis, IL, before planting roots here in the Northwest. I personally have had the chance to work with him in the studio recently, producing a track for his upcoming project, “Dinner Plate.” A gifted storyteller, Sity often pulls inspiration from his childhood and upbringing to craft lyrics and beats as an outlet of expression from life events. Gearing up for an upcoming show on February 22nd, I had a moment to sit down with Sity and ask him a few questions.

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?
I’m from East St. Louis, IL. The music scene out there is very receptive. If you are pushing your music and grinding hard, then more people are going to tune in and support you. Nelly is from right across the water, so he created a lot of attention and opportunities to be focused on the area. We get more hip concerts, shows, and events with visitation from already established artists now.

Tell us about your stage name, how did it come about?
I got my stage name from being called a “country n*gga” so much. I aint even from the country, I was born and raised in the city. So, the irony of sounding country but from the city is how I got my name.

You recently released some visuals for your track “Empty Bottles”, tell us about the story behind it.
Empty Bottles was written after my brother, Mr. Purfik, died. Losing somebody so close was hard as hell, and to this day his death has a negative impact on me. It was during that time my alcohol consumption increased heavily, which in my mental thinking, I was seeking something to relieve me of that pain.

What was your latest project? What are you working on now?
My latest and somewhat current project was “A Purfik Sity … My Therapy Session,” a cd that was fully dedicated to my deceased brother Mr. Purfik. I have one more video that I want to release for the project, then it will be complete. I’m working on “Dinner Plate” now, my vision for this one isn’t all the way thought out yet though. I don’t wish to elaborate on it too much, except saying it will have many Portland artists featured on it.

What producers have you worked with in the past, are working with currently, or would like to in the future?
Producers who I’ve worked with; My brother Mr. Purfik, before he died. It was my first time ever recording when I was in his studio. I’ve also worked with Southeast Productions (S.E.P), Travis Sims and Derrty ran this, they were the first people I recorded with in Portland. Human from Human Studios, he produced all but one tracks on the “A Purfik Sity… My Therapy Session” project. And now for this next project, I’m again working with Human and Bryce, from Trap Master Productions, and hopefully others.

How would you describe your style and sound?
My style is mine. I try my hardest not to mimic anyone. If I had to describe my sound, I would say it was street/commercial.

If you could choose 2 artists and 1 producer in today’s music world to work with, who would you choose?
The two artists I would choose would be, Mikey Vegas and Drake. One producer would be Boi 1da.

What are your thoughts about the current state of Hip-Hop?
The current state of hip hop is watered down. I mean, for instance, in 2014 not one single album that was released went platinum, that’s unheard of. We got people who’d rather hear the poorly pronounced words, horrible lyrics of Young Thug, while artists like Big Krit or J. Cole are second choices. If you gotta dope beat with a catchy hook you’re in, which in my opinion is asshole backwards.

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