#EpicArtistSpotlight : Rob Mack

#EpicArtistSpotlight : Rob Mack

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Artist Spotlight: Rob Mack
Industry: Music
Profession: Lyricist
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

Tell us where are you from?
I’m originally from Portland, Oregon but I live in Las Vegas now. I’ve been living here for about 12 years. You could say I’m from here, too.

Being from Portland and moving to Las Vegas, how do you feel the scene change has affected your music?
Well being from NE Portland gave me a raw type of flow. But living in Las Vegas has kinda brought out the more smooth, chill flow in my rhymes.

How did you get your stage name?
I got my stage name from my pops, Mackin Rob (Rob SR). He’s been involved in the Portland rap scene since the 90’s. Basically everywhere I went with him I was “Lil Rob.” When I moved to Las Vegas and started going to school here, I developed my “Mackin” so I switched it up Rob Mack.

Earlier you told me about a track that you’re pretty proud of The Night. Tell me more about the song, is there a story behind it?
“The Night” is a feel good track. It brings back old school RnB and modern hip hop. There’s really no story, I heard the beat made by BasementBeats and started to write about life at the moment. That’s really how everything I record is made, in the moment.

Your latest project that you released “Still Smokin,” I’m a fan. Tell me about the creative process you went through in the studio.
The process for “Still Smokin” was really find beats, and write. I originally made 15 tracks for it but only felt 9 were right and I added a bonus track I was featured on by my bro Brian Burns. All of the music was recorded over a 6 month span because of studio problems.

What are you currently working on?
Right now I’m finishing up work on “Still Smokin 2.” It should be done mid March. I have a lot of nice features on it from my label mates Young ViP to Eddie Fuse.


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I noticed you rock with a good group of producers. Who would be your dream collaboration?
Yea they producers are what make it happen. I need a solid beat. Yea 5starBeats produced most of “Still Smokin” but I rock with DonProphecy out in Canada, my bro JackeL also from Canada, Jay89 from Las Vegas. You know I keep your beats on blast BryceTMP.

How would you describe your style and sound?
I really can’t put it in a category. I just do me, I could spit really fast on a track or kick back to some chill shit. It’s really all about the type of beat.

What do you think about the current state of Hip­ Hop? What do I think of the current state of hip hop? I think it’s headed in a right way. There’s a lot more conscious artists making good music. It’ll be that much greater when the world hears Rob Mack!!

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