#EpicArtistSpotlight: Randy Thomas

#EpicArtistSpotlight: Randy Thomas

Thanks for taking the time to meet with us for our first #EpicProducerSpotlight, a slight departure from our Artist Spotlight feature. What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Randy Thomas, and I’m from Jackson, Mississippi

East coast, tell me about the music scene out there and where do you feel hip hop is headed in your area?
Well actually we are considered the dirty south, but the music scene is on a very slow rise. Most people don’t feel Mississippi music and they label us as country. But once again, the music is on a slow and steady pace up.

I see, must be a common misconception. How long have you been making beats? What inspired the passion?
Well I have been making beats since I was 14 yrs old and I’m 25 now. My passion comes from my family, mostly my mom. I grew up on old school music, I listened to a lot old school r&b and rock and roll. I also listened to a lot of hip hop and my love for music grew from there. At first I wasn’t really into producing beats even though I used to play the piano.  But I love music so much, it’s like I want to make nothing but hits. A lot of beats be basic to me, but a hit, that is something that lasts. Like old school music.


I definitely understand what you mean. Your passion from music sounds genuine, who would you say inspires you to be better? Who really pushes you to be #epic?
My biggest motivation is my son. My production team DA BASSicks inspire me also. They are so talented and push me to go harder. Some of my friends inspire me too. They make sure I don’t give up or quit. I also get motivated working with other producers such as Trap Master Productions, BTN Productions, Subtrak Beatz, etc. And last but not least all of my artists inspire me as well. They believe in me and I hope that we all accomplish our dreams.

Sounds like a solid network there, always someone for you to build off of and push you. What are some of your proudest projects that you’ve completed?
One of my favorite projects has been with my bro J Wonn. We did the Mississippi Anthem entitled Welcome 2 Ju City. Another one of my favorites was collabing on a beat with my bro on my production team for the artist 36 of Duct Tape (DTE). He go by Mel Beatz and he is also one of my protégés.  Another recent accomplishment was remaking that MGK “Til I Die” with my bro BryceTMP.

Always a pleasure working with you my friend, can you give us a link where you have your material posted? What styles would you say you offer?
My style is versatile. I don’t like to limit myself.  I want to be the best I know I can be. And I got music on SoundCloud.  Besides the links from the music above, also take a listen to Back In Da Rebuck, all on YouTube.

If you had to choose an artist from today’s industry to work with and produce a track for, who you would you choose and why?
That’s a hard question, but if I had to choose an artist it would have to be between Chris Brown or Nicki Minaj.

I thank you for your time in this spotlight, any last shoutouts or mentions?
Yeah, shoutouts to everybody who loves and supports my music. Also shoutouts to underground producers who are continuing to work on their craft and be heard. Hard work pays off. And shoutouts to everyone I done worked with so far. Oh and one of my artists, Yolo Mike new mixtape “Ceo Boss Moves” drops this Saturday. I produced most of it so be on the lookout for that.

You can hear more from Randy Thomas on the interwebs by visiting his FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts.

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