#EpicArtistSpotlight : Prince Cali

#EpicArtistSpotlight : Prince Cali

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Artist Spotlight: Prince Cali
Industry: Music
Profession: Lyricist
Website: https://soundcloud.com/prince-cali

Prince Cali is a confident, bold, artistic, creative and clever lyricist that has used his magnetic delivery and efficient wordplay to earn him acclaim among Hip-Hop aficionados from around the world.  Featuring hard hitting beats, sharp lyrics, and soaring hooks, Prince Cali makes music destined to make a home in your head.  The aspiring up-n-coming California rapper currently offers his freshman effort in the form of a mixtape, “Cali Martian”, which is available for download here.  One listen to our talented musician’s offerings, and it will be evident that this gifted MC is destined for greatness.

Tell us about some projects that you’re currently working on?
I’m currently working on a new single called “Motivation” with Trap Master Productions.  You can also checkout my latest track called “Hot Boy Remix”, fun track.

Your name implies which region you rep, explain the significance of your moniker?
I got the name Prince Cali because when I was younger people used to tell me I think I’m royalty, and I told them I am like “I’m the Prince Of Cali”, which eventually broke down to just being Prince Cali.  I’ve had the name ever since.

Why do you consider yourself a “Prince”?
My homies used to make fun of me when I was younger saying I think I’m better or what not, which was not the case.  I just knew I had a higher calling.  All my life growing up as a kid I would see a king and his royal family on TV and think to myself, “Man they have everything they want; Money, power, respect.  I want a part of that.”

Which part of CA are you from and how is the Hip-Hop scene there?
I’m originally from Los Angeles. Some people know this place as the “Nickerson Gardens.”  The Hip-Hop scene here is dry, but we all know how the rap scene is in Los Angeles. I mean they make stars so that goes without saying.  I’m from LA, born in the Antelope Valley.

What producers are you working with now or have in the past, and are there some you’d like to work with in the future?
When I first started recording, I recorded myself.  I didn’t know any producers until I ran into one named Bryce VanDuisen, founder of Trap Master Productions and a personal friend, which I’m working with right now.  I look forward to working with DJ Drama, Mike Will Made It, and London on the Track, in the future.  Just to name a few.

Describe your style and sound?
My style and sound is based off two techniques, metaphors and punch lines.  I’m not a life story nor a freestyle rapper, but listen to my music and you won’t be disappointed.  I figure when people want to party or smoke a joint, they don’t want to hear about problems if they trying to escape their own issues.  So if people are looking for entertaining and mind-bending wordplay, then check out Prince Cali.

If you could choose 2 artists and 1 producer in today’s music world to work with, who would you choose?
I would want to work with Lil Wayne , Wiz Khalifa , & DJ Drama on a project.  You know it’s hard out here for us up and coming artists, but I can see it happening.

Any tracks that we should pay close attention to?
The two main tracks to focus on would be “Tell Ya Mama” and “Don’t Kill My High.”  Tell Ya Moma was made to show my fans the delivery and the type of persona I’m bringing to the table.  Don’t Kill My High is inspired by my experience having a girl, wife or mistress and all we wanna do is smoke a joint.  But all she wants to do is complain, nag, and ultimately kill your high.  So that’s a fun one to checkout and listen to.

What are your thoughts about the current state of Hip-Hop?
Right now, the state of Hip-Hop changed a lot having rappers like Soulja Boy, Riff Raff, Chief Keef, Lil B on the mic.  I’m not knocking them, but I have listened to these artist multiple times trying to figure out what people like about they flow.  I can’t figure it out.  I can’t even understand what they be rapping or talking about.  We need to have respect for the Rap and Hip-Hop game for what is was, not having short bus rappers trying to make it into what it’s not suppose to be.

In the end, let the people know where they can find you online.
If you are ever looking for Prince Cali, then google me. Take note of my appearance so when you find me you know that’s Prince Cali. You can find my latest music on Reverb Nation, Sound Cloud, Hulkshare, etc. To ensure you find all my latest work use the Google search engine to look up Prince Cali.

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