#EpicArtistSpotlight: Marcio Lima

#EpicArtistSpotlight: Marcio Lima

Thanks for taking the time to meet with us for our #EpicProducerSpotlight, what is your name and where are you from?
My name is Marcio Lima, but my stage name is M8Beatz. Im from Goiania, Brazil.

Brazil, that’s interesting!  What inspired you to start doing music?  How many hip-hop artists are there where you live?
I was always a huge fan of hip-hop, ever since I was a kid.  I never thought about making music until I saw what musicians were capable of doing with just a laptop and simple music production software.  So I was like, that seems to be pretty easy, lets do it, just to have some fun. And here I am today.  There is not too many hip-hop artists in my town. Hip-Hop is getting bigger in Brazil, but it doesn’t compare to the US.

That must be pretty tough going it alone, tell me what it’s like trying to find new artists to work with.
Yeah it is really tough. All I can really do is try to network with artists through social media. I use Twitter a lot. I spend at least 4 hours of my day on twitter, trying to find new artists to work with.

I know it has been effective for you, that’s how we met last year.  We have collaborated on a few projects, I am definitely a fan of your work.  What are some of your favorite accomplishments that you are proud of?
Yeah! Thanks man. It’s not the most effective way to network with artists in my opinion, but it kinda works. My favorite accomplishments are first, the placement with the Alabama rapper Lil Mook. I produced the song Don’t Say Shit that premiered on Vevo last year. Secondly the fact that I’m able to live on the money I make with my music.  Something I didn’t think was possible. Lastly, the fact that I’ve produced for more than 100 artists in less than 2 years.

That’s quite impressive, 100 artists in 2 years is a lot.  I think over the same period I’ve work with roughly 50.  I will definitely need links for the sites of your work.  Do you have any projects you are working on currently?
Currently Im just tryna come up with my music production group called Masterminds.  We’ve been working with some LA artists such as Macc Grams. We should be dropping the mixtape “Trap Beach” before the end of this year. Hopefully we are moving to LA next semester where we hope to work with more artists and accomplish much bigger things.

I can’t wait for you to make it to LA.  Who would you consider to be your DREAM client if you were able to work with anybody?
Yeah man I really appreciate your support. I really enjoy Wiz Khalifa songs. I think he is an amazing rapper. Not the best, but definitely one of the top rappers today in my opinion. I think our music styles kinda match and it would be really dope to work with him.

I see what you mean, he is an inspiration to me as well, huge fan of all his music.  Would love to hear him on an M8 production!  I appreciate your time for this spotlight.  Are there any mentions you would like to say or any shout outs?
Thank you man.  I definitely wanna send a shootout to all the Trap Master Productions team and my partner Lucas, who’s been working with me for more than a year now making Masterminds Group bigger and better everyday.

For social media on Marcio, visit his FacebookTwitterYouTube and M8Beats accounts.

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