#EpicArtistSpotlight: Lee Spivey

#EpicArtistSpotlight: Lee Spivey

Hey Lee, thanks for taking the time to talk to us!  Tell me about yourself, where are you from?
I was born in Flagstaff, AZ and raised in The Motor City, MI.  I moved to Las vegas in 1999 right outta high school.  Long story short, I had warrants waiting back in Michigan and caught a decent case.  Felony breaking and entering, looking at 3-5 years.  I joined the Navy to avoid the sentence.  I was separated from the Navy and started making music again in 2007, been steadily rising the ranks since then.  I have left several people behind, and I’m not stopping now.

Right on, sounds like quite the journey for you.  I myself spent some time in Las Vegas.  When did you land in Oregon?
I moved in 2002 for the first time here. That’s when I got married and my wife got pregnant. I took about five years off from music and everything to stack some doe and get this life started.  Spent some time in Northern California like 03-04 near Auburn (where my wife was born), then again in Vegas until 2006.

A lot of bouncing around, you must have made some great connections in music on your travels.  What inspired you to really start getting in to music again?
I’ve been on stage since my high school days perfoming with a traveling show choir.  So on the real, I’ve been in so many bands; From Detroit to Washington and no one has ever really motivated me Like The Oneironauts (Local Southern Oregon Heroes) Leg and my HWFT (Hard Wood Firtle Tek) Family. They threw these shows called Rhymin’ On The River and I went every year and saw headliners and openers.  I could never participate cause I only battle rapped.  They were straight free styling and spitting lyrics, so I didn’t want to just rip some dudes and fight folks.  That motivated me to get up, get out, and get mine.

What is your stage name?
My stage name is L.A.B (Life After Birth) just as it’s written on my fore arms. The band’s name is 541 Syndicate.

Definitely sounds like some major motivation right there.  If you had to choose an artist and a producer in today’s industry, who would you want to work on a track with?
If we’re talking infinite budget; YelaWolf , Timbaland, T.I, and Kid Rock are at the absolute top of my list.

That right there, I would love to see myself.  What is your most recently released project and where can we find it for download?
The most recent is Champion ft. Wilderness & GrinchMobb with Illusionati.  It’s available for free download at www.541syndicate.com.

Awesome, the track really is something special.  Are you working on an album or anything currently?
Yes I am.  First is the “Back to Basics” mix tape releasing in April.  I’ll be releasing my first all exclusive album entitled “Life in the 541” with Trapmaster Productions producing three of the eight tracks so far.


Definitely a pleasure to have you choose my beats, it always feels good to have an artist connect with the instrumentals I make.  I appreciate the time you took to spend with us for this spotlight, looking forward to great things from you.

If you’d like to know more about Lee Spivey and his band 541 Syndicate, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.


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