#EpicArtistSpotlight: Jay Wy

#EpicArtistSpotlight: Jay Wy

This week’s #EpicArtistSpotlight is Portland OR based artist Jay Wy.  We sat down with him on a brisk Portland Tuesday night so he could set the record straight about staying in your lane and paving your own path by staying hungry.

Is there a story behind your stage name and how you got it?
My stage name is Jay Wy, which I got from my birth name Johnny. People called me Jay all the time so I stuck with it. I used to go by Jay Young, but dropped the Young and added “Wy” cause when I searched my name Jay Young on YouTube and various other sites, a lot of random people would pop up. I needed something that would be a better catch and that just sounded right so I ran with it.

You’re young, surely you haven’t been rapping long right?
I used to write rhymes and rap to people since I was eight, so for about 8 years. But I really started taking it serious and recoding two years ago.

So tell me what it’s like being a 16 year old rapper among a city full of seasoned vets.
I actually like it, I enjoy the challenge. It’s nothing but love though, I respect what they have done and what they’re still doing till this day. Being able to share a stage with them or even do songs together and hearing them tell me they respect my movement and what I’m doing is just a great feeling. I like to show them that youngins can play the game too. There’s enough room for everybody if you stay in your own lane and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Not trynna walk on a path already made, but pave my own.

What movement do you push?
I got a team known as Haze Gang. That’s the movement I’m pushing, plus branding myself with #TeamJayWy which has a nice following. Also linked up with Trap Master Productions which is a big part of what I do as far as production.

Your latest project that was released was #DontAskWyEP, tell us a little about it.
That was my debut to the world as Jay Wy. Like, this is who I am. Every song on that EP came from a different place in my life. I wrote that over the course of a year cause I never really got a chance to record any of it. You can hear my pain and joy throughout the EP. You can feel the emotion and that’s exactly what I was going for. I wanted people to not just hear me but feel me also.

I’m glad I got to be a part of the creative process, it definitely was a good time. What you are working on now?
As of right now I’m working on my 2nd EP titled “The Reason Wy” which will be the follow up to #DontAskWy. It will have a range of features from dope artist from all around. Don’t want to give up any names yet until the tracklist is released, it’s gonna be a great project though, I’m excited. Of course it will be produced by Vicious V, Trap Master, and many more stay tuned!

Can’t wait till it is finished, it’s gonna be a hit. Any special shout outs you would like to mention?
Shout out to my team Haze Gang, my mob niggas, TMP, my mom, my fans and supporters and everyone else out there doin’ they thang. It’s nothing but love from my side. Spread peace and joy, appreciate y’all tuning in.

Jay Wy

You can hear more from Jay Wy on the interwebs by visiting his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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