#EpicArtistSpotlight: Ambitious

#EpicArtistSpotlight: Ambitious

Ambitious, thank you for meeting with us for this weeks #EpicArtistSpotlight.  How long have you been in the music scene here in Portland?
I been doing music since I was 15, so 10 yrs.  But I’ve only been taking it seriously for the last 5 of them.

Where did your stage name come from?
I use to go by Diz when I first started rapping but I decided to change it to Ambitious because it fits my personality and what I stand for. Not only that, but I changed a lot as a person and artist so I felt it was time for a change in my name.

What would you say made you want to put your lyrics into a mic?
Growing up me and my bro Lil Bamm & Fat Tone would listen to Mistah Fab constantly. I mean I probably watched everyone of his vids from 04-07. I just felt the energy the crowd would give him whenever he would perform on stage and loved how much fun he had making music. That’s when I decided to put my own lyrics into a mic.

Thats dope, do you remember what your first song was?
Yeah my first song I ever did was called “Loose Cannon” and I remember it like it was yesterday. I recorded that song on this program called Cake Walk with a little karaoke mic.

Havent heard Cake Walk in a long time!  What was your first mixtape project?
My first solo mix tape project was called “1st Session” released it early 2010. It’s actually still on Datpiff.

Looking back, what areas have you seen yourself progress most in?
Man, I learned a lot through that mixtape. The two biggiest things were learning that it takes a lot more to structure a full length song, and coming up with concepts to talk about. I already had the flow and bars at that time but those two things were the most important things I can look back and say I learned from it.

I can only imagine, 5 years of progression since the last project, what are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on my new mixtape “I Do This Vol. 2”  It was suppose to drop in March, but I had to push it back due to last minute touch ups. I would say it’s about 90% done. The first single off the mix tape is called “For A Real Nigga” which is available on Amazon & iTunes for $0.99 (I also have a video for it on YouTube).  The tape is mixed with collabs from Sity (Purfik Guardians), Nytch, Noni Nice, Drama and many more. This mixtape is a spin off the first “I Do This” which is also available for free on DatPiff as well.

Looking forward to that release, from what I’ve heard and seen in the studio, it’s going to be something special.  What is your favorite song off the upcoming tape?
I actually have a couple but the first one is “80Mph” featuring Bj The Voice. It’s based on a true story and a lot of people can relate to the situation. The support I get from people hearing this song is crazy and is a reminder of why I love making music. The second one is a track called “I’m Good” from the mixtape which I haven’t released to the public yet. I’ll be working on promoting it very soon.

I heard that track, I like it for sure, and Bj the Voice really did his thing with them vocals.  What are you looking to achieve with your music
Thanks I appreciate that bruh. I’m looking to take music to another level to where it benefits everyone who do music from the town. The town has so much talent but it’s so divided that not everybody gets heard. I’m just one rap artist, so this agenda can’t be done alone. But if everybody can developed that mindset of thinking about the bigger picture, things would be a lot better musically here. I mean if the bay rappers can build an empire the way they did why can’t we?

I hear you, you are right. That seems to be the common topic online that I see, something that I’ve been working on as well.  Say you had the chance to put together a project with your choice of producer and local artists, who are some of the new names we would see?  Anyone that you haven’t had a chance to work with yet that you would like to?
I wouldn’t mind doing music with anybody that’s serious about their craft and not just messing around with it. I’ve pretty much done songs with the few people I would want to put on a project with. What I’m most interested in is doing songs with upcoming talent, unheard of artists or what people would call “the underdogs.” It’s something about the hunger and ambition coming from those types that makes an exciting collaboration with for me. Same goes for producers as well, me and you of course did some work together before and will be doing more work in the near future.  But I haven’t really reached out to other producers which is something I’m most definitely considering with my next project.

Right on, that’s a  good mentality to approach this industry with, continuous growth and networking has never failed.  I’m stoked to see what you come up with in the future.  What will it take for you to feel that you have truly made it?
I’m in so much competition with myself that I wont ever feel like I’ve made it cuz there’s always a way to top my goals, feel me? But I will say I will definitely feel successful the minute I start building a big enough fan base outside of my city.

Man I hear you there, always gotta go harder, there is always another level to break through, never comfortable.  Anyone special that you want to shoutout?
Fasho, shoutout to Nytch, Ant, Byron Bars (free bars), and my Lil bro $leezo.

What was your favorite music video to make?
One of my fav music vids to make was “For A Real Nigga.” We had hella fun at that shoot. Make sure to check out the behind the scene footage on my YouTube page.

Lastly, what do you feel separates you from other artists?
The passion and consistency of my material. I try to make music that people can relate to. As far as the instrumentals, I just spit bars for the entertainment and love of hip hop.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me bro, it’s been a pleasure.  Looking forward to your upcoming releases, Be Epic!
Naw thank you for rocking wit me bruh.

If you’d like to know more about Ambitious, visit his FacebookTwitter or Instagram accounts.

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