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Our Story.

Growing tired of accepting that the world we live in is increasingly focused on a selfish, me first mentality, was born out of encouragement from friends, family and loved ones.  Today, we curate the best the web has to offer from well respected writers who share stories about all areas of their lives with a focus on encouraging others to love, appreciate and respect others more genuinely.  It’s more than a place to come for daily encouragement to strive for greatness, it’s real people, sharing real stories of perseverance, courage, and victory in their lives.  For many, it’s a way to heal, a way to have their experiences offer a small word of encouragement for you to be better equipped for life’s toughest times.


We’ve positioned to be your premiere destination for daily encouragement to be great.  We believe that daily encouragement from same demographic authors allows deeper connections to our readers.  Through daily encouragement, we intend to spark a change in the world for deeper relationships of meaning and love.  We’re so dedicated to it, we’ve made it our mission; To deliver daily encouragement to be great.


We’re constantly searching for fresh takes on encouragment.  If you have interest in seeing your own stories of encouragement, love and hope posted to, we’d be honored to show them.  Click here for more info.

She Cheated

Get Comfortable

10,000 Reasons



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    nice page, way to go!
    As a newly established page based on being happy and confident (, your page is everything we wish we were!

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